Sunday, 28 February 2016

Cut Barbie's hair instead rerooting

The hair was dirty and was cutted pell-mell. I hate rerooting. I decided to cut her hair in 80s layered style.

1. I washed and detangled the hair
2. I cut the hair in layered style
3. Styling with hair curler on 80 Celsius

Monday, 25 January 2016

What can you do with ugly bangs of Fashion Royalty dolls?

We know that the Integrity is able to make correct bangs: 

Why comes up with lot of ugly bangs in 2015? Great thingies are reminiscent of sausages. Brrr!

It is no coincidence that these dolls are very cheap on eBay, they are not beautiful!
Some simple ideas what can you do with these bangs to improve the situation:

(I have tried to cut a normal form from the ugly bangs. It could not be properly smoothing to the forehead because of the type of rooting.)

1. If the doll has a long bangs, it can be tied in a pony-tail.

Color Infusion Alysa

2. Comb the bangs to the side. Styling and fixing it.

Fabiana Diaz
Media Sensation Alysa

3. If the bangs is incorporated into the hair as separated unit (eg. Alysa or O'Rion) can be removed. Use tweezers or hemostat. Pull out the little groups of hairs. This work is lenghty and tiring but worth it.

Jacqueline O'Rion